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Dear forum member, what would be an ideal laptop for architects. Hope it’s not a stupid question. Do we need high end laptops, I’m just curious as I’ll be enrolling for my architect course. Thanks in advance.

Idealy yes you need a highend laptop.

A celeron based machine is a complete no.  So are the new Atom based processors.

Go in for 2-3 GB of RAM 160 GB plus of HDD and core2duo processor. and if you plan to do a lot of heavy photoshop work or 3d rendring the above system will just about make it buy not fly.

Macs always come in my mind when people talk about high end laptops/PCs. I mean MAC is so well built that it's on everyone's wish list. But only the few can own this machine. Good news for University students, great discounts available on MACs PCs and laptops range! Came across this one , worth having a look..

Even I feel that Atom based processors are not good. Apple Mac will be a good option. They are stylish as well. I checked the reviews on Mac and I also checked the site for offers. Looks promising, I’m considering to go for the Macbook pro. 

So have you bought the Mac? check even the iMac...  even thats a good buy... an im sure the student offer is also valid on imacs too


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